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   many of the books needed for Peninsular, Spanish American and U.S. Hispanic
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ISBN: 978-1-881781-14-1
Fausto Avendaño’s latest book
featuring Spain’s medieval national hero.

Rodrigo, the Cid Campeador and the infantes of Carrión
Two versions: Spanish and English.
By Fausto Avendaño To order your copy send $15.00, plus $2.50 (check or money order) for shipping and handling to:
Spanish Press, P.O. Box 255284, Sacramento, CA 95825-5284.
You may also order from any Bookstore, sp_2010@att.net and other distributors.

Fausto Avendaño has gathered the legend and the historical record to create a work of fiction that features the life of Rodrigo, the Cid Campeador, and his struggle to survive in the land of the Moors. When the King of Castille and León banished him from his kingdom, Rodrigo had to venture out to the land of the Moors. In an effort to regain his king’s favor, Rodrigo acquiesced to have his daughters marry the Infantes of Carrión, who were linked to the Count of Carrión, his most ruthless nemesis. As he had feared, the Infantes turned against him and he had to return to Castile to seek justice as well as his daughters’ honor. As the story unfolds, the author depicts an array of colorful characters, which include emirs, kings, priests, warriors, peasants, etc.

Proof-2-2.jpeg (944074 bytes) Paola and Raymond
By Fausto Avendaño

Paula and Raymond is a contemporary love story, but unlike the conventions of the genre, this novel contains ample doses of realism and satire. While quashing clichés and stereotypes, the story goes beyond the coming together of two people. Love is not the only thing that counts there are also commitment, faithfulness, sex, constancy, culture, ideology, family, etc.

For a limited time discounted to $10.00 plus $2.50 for shipping.

Read the First Chapter of  Santa Maria
by Fausto Avendaño for free ! click here

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Latest book, just published:

(ISBN:  978-1881781-10-3)

Read the first chapter for free at: http://www.hispanicbookpress.com.
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Spanish Press, P.O. Box 255284, Sacramento, CA 95825-5284.
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Santa María is the story of two families caught up in the turmoil of the 1850's,  a time of upheaval, when Mexican rural society is turned upside down.  Rancheros fight to keep their holdings, citing the guarantees of the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo, while newcomers seek land and power.  The struggles of the Prescotts and the Uribes in Santa María serve as a microcosm of the overall clash of cultures in the newly acquired territories.  
The author presents the attitudes and conflicts evenhandedly, without shying away from the realities of the times.  The outrage of the invaded as well as the righteous arrogance of the invaders, are boldly drawn.  History is history, and like many modern historians who report events honestly, good or bad, Fausto Avendaño is loath to sugarcoat California’s past.  Yet, for all of the ethnic distrust and animosity among the players, cooperation and even love are possible.

                wpeC.jpg (26179 bytes)
Title: El sueño de siempre y
              otros cuentos

Author: Avendaño,Fausto
$ 10.00 plus $1.50
             shipping and handling

Format: Paperback
Spanish. Winner of the Fuentes Mares Literary Prize. Collection of thirteen highly acclaimed short stories, many of which have been published in major literary journals in the U.S. and Latin America. This work is considered to be among the best prose in Spanish by a Mexican - American writer. A significant contribution to Hispanic letters in the U.S.

           salazar's gold.gif (154746 bytes)
Title: Salazar’s Gold
Author: Avendaño, Fausto.
Price: $ 10.00 plus $1.50
          shipping and handling


ormat: Paperback
English.  Historical fiction based on California’s history. This novel includes historical fact with a compelling plot that recovers many aspects of the Mexican Californio story during the Gold Rush Era. Avendano, acclaimed for his Spanish fiction, in this work demonstrates a remarkable mastery of the English language, making him one of a few Mexican-Americans who excel in both languages. A significant contribution to Hispanic letters in the U.S.

                patricia.jpg (15401 bytes)
Title: Motorcycle Ride on The Sea of Tranquility
Patricia Santana
ISBN:  0-8263-2435-5
Price:  $19.50 plus shipping and handling
Format:  Hard cover

atricia Santana takes you on an extraordinary journey through the waning years of the 1960's.  It is a captivating portrayal of a Mexican-American family struggling with the consequences of a brutal war and the challenges of changing times.

                donde.gif (205794 bytes)
Title: Donde empieza
              la historia

Author: Bornstein, Miriam
Price: $ 7.50 plus $1.50
             shipping and handling

Format: Paperback
Spanish. Poetry. This collection is highly regarded as one of the best examples of contemporary poetry among Mexican-American female voices.  Both a scholar and a writer, Bornstein has a long list of academic publications and poetry to her credit.

         Juncos.jpg (45758 bytes)
Title: Juncos de mi rio /
           Reeds of my River

Author: Oregel, Ernesto.
Price: $ 12.50 plus $1.50
          shipping and handling

Format: Paperback
Spanish/English. Poetry. Oregel’s poetry is rendered in Spanish with an English version on the opposite page. Poetry based on the author’s youth, ressonates with the joyful sounds of Santiago Tangamandapio, Michoacan, Oregel’s home town. The author, a linguist, poet and former priest, contributes an extraordinary work to Hispanic letters in the U.S.

               wpe7.jpg (41249 bytes)
Title: Cuentos hispanos de
            los Estados Unidos

Author: Julián Olivares.
ISBN     :1-55885-260-3

Price: $ 16.95 plus $1.50
          shipping and handling

Format: Paperback
The first comprehensive collection of short stories written in Spanish by Hispanic authors of the United States. Informative introductions and a glossary of dialectical terms are included to make the book appropriate for students.

                       wpeD.jpg (47996 bytes)
Title: La adivinanza a
              traves de 500 años de

             cultura hispanica

Author: Santana, Jorge
Price: $ 20.00 plus $2.50
            shipping and handling  

Format: Paperback
Spanish.  A historical collection of riddles in Spanish from Spain and Spanish America, including the northern regions of America (today part of the U.S.). A painstaking scholarly work, rendered over a twenty year period of research, La adivinanza is an outstanding collection of humorous, scatological and philosophical riddles. Over 400 pages!

      la ciudad.gif (79991 bytes)
Title: La ciudad y los

Author:Vargas Llosa, Mario.
Price: $ 12.50 plus $1.50
          shipping and handling

Format: Paperback
Spanish.  Fiction by one of Latin America's foremost writers.  This work is a classic novel dealing with Latin American reality.  Recommended reading for all people interested in Peruvian and South American literatures.

         wpe7.jpg (45781 bytes)    
Title: Odisea del norte
Author: Mario Bencastro.
ISBN     : 1-55885-266-2
: $ 12.95 plus $1.50
          shipping and handling

Format: Paperback
Here is the powerful, original Spanish-language version of Mario Bencastro's latest novel, recently published in English as Odyssey to to the North.   Decades of civil wars in Central America, combined with the need for manpower in the United States, have made the Hispanic migrant worker a stock character in urban American life. This is the story of one such man: Calixto, who heeds north " with his stomach empty but his soul full of hope." 


Title: Labios sellados
Author:  Carmen Alea Paz
ISBN:  1-881781-09-7
Price:  $15.00 plus shipping and handling
Format:  Paperback

Spanish.  Winner of the "Alberto Gutiérrez de la Solana" Prize (Novel, 1999).  Noted poet and prose writer from the "Exilio cubano"   generation.  Carmen Alea Paz  is highly acclaimed for her forceful, nostalgic voice.  Through her, as the reader is absorbed by her prose, the Cuban experience is assimilated and understood.  El caracol y el tiempo and El veranito de María Isabel are two other examples of her poetry and prose, among others. 

Title: Confidencias del fauno
Author:  Carmelo Gariano
ISBN:  1-881781-07-0
Price:  $15.00 plus shipping and handling
Format:  Paperback

Spanish.  Gariano's prose takes us back to Boccaccio, full of spice and elegance.   His eroticism has a delicious, elegant tone.  The reader is spured to read on, to delight in the rhythm of his prose and the brilliance of his wit.  His gallery of characters include people from all backgrounds and nationalities.  Carmelo Gariano is one of the best representatives of Hispanic cosmopolitan literature.  His list of publications-totalling more than 15 titles- is too long to list here. 

Title:  Hombre y poesía:  Estudio crítico y antología selecta de la obra de Alfonso Alvarez de Villasandino
Author:  Yolanda Rosas
ISBN:  1-881781-05-4
Price:  $10.00 plus shipping and handling
Format:  Paperback

Spanish.  A critical anthology of the works of the Spanish medieval poet, Villasandino.  This new, updated study by Yolanda Rosa fills the need in critical studies dealing with Villasandino's work.  It sheds light on the poet's themes and artistic values.  It sets the writer in the social context of medieval Spain.   His insight into the social and moral issues in his poetry are delightful, as are his lighter, more jovial commentary of his times.  This study is required reading for students and scholars of medieval Spanish literature.
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